Monthly Meetings


The monthly meetings usually feature a Question & Answer period, an intermission for socializing and refreshments (at cost) and a presentation by a professional in the field of Information Technology (IT.) Special Events provide the opportunity for an informative look to what's coming in the near future. They provide a perspective of software, hardware, or communication products to come. Among all the great reasons to join the club, this ranks near the top. Monthly meetings are the large view, out to the horizons of Personal Computing. Members' own computing questions are better addressed in Special Interest Group SIG meetings that take place throughout the month.

Invitation to our Monthly Meetings

We invite the public to join our members at these large gatherings to meet people and to share your questions, interest, and knowledge. Come and see a demo of the the latest products. There are draws, (members eligible only), for free software and opportunities to get user group discounts.

Have some refreshments during the break and talk to any of our volunteers.

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If you want to speak at our monthly meeting,
please send an e-mail to our Program Manager