Members' Mail Lists

What are mail lists?

These discussion groups, or forums, are offered as a PCCT membership benefit and allow subscribers to post to all list members a "To whom it may concern"-kind of message, or when you don't know whom to ask for help. They are not intended to replace person-to-person e-mail communications.

A mail list is a distribution list you don't have to maintain or update. The subscribers themselves will do so. You decide how you receive posted emails. You choose one of four Message Delivery attributes: Individual Email; Daily Digest; No Email; or Special Notices.

The groups have been set up by the owner so that only PCCT members can read these messages by simply pointing their browser to one of the following URLs

If you want to be able to participate in group discussions, i.e. send replies or originate questions and messages yourself, you must

  • be a registered user of Yahoo! Groups (free), and
  • join one or more groups - that means not only, exclusively, PCCT groups, but others as well!

If you want further explanations go to

If you have registered with Yahoo! Groups and are accepted by the group moderator as a new subscriber to a particular list, then you may post to that list and reply to queries from other subscribers. If you want to address a subject to an individual subscriber, you login to the group and click on a subscriber's email. This is a person-to-person communication and not particularly encouraged (see first paragraph) in a group, but may be necessary in some cases (when the reply does not interest the entire group).

How To Register with Yahoo! Groups

Visit the URL Click to register button and complete the registration form:

  • ID (this could be your user name, an alias, or your PCCT membership number) Note: Yahoo is a global company, and IDs must be unique.
  • Select a password,  but not the one you use for your ISP connection!
  • Fill in the Security section which will be used if you forget your password. You will be asked for a valid email address, because the link will be used to send you an authorization code.
  • Complete the language content section.
  • Submit. If you completed the registration form correctly you will be notified when your registration has been accepted.
How To Join a Group

If you are a PCCT member in good standing and you have a registered Yahoo! Groups ID, you can join any of our club forums by subscribing to them. The simplest method is to click on the appropriate icon shown below for each group. You will need to login which will take you to the Join this group page. There is an extensive HELP section. The subscription process consists of your request to join a group being approved by the group moderator.

For security reasons attachments are not allowed in any posts to the PCCT groups. A monthly automated reminder message makes suggestions on how to let subscribers participate in files and photos that you want to share.

Join Yahoo! Groups Join the PCCT list to exchange ideas or seek advice regarding computer hardware and software hints, pointers, or questions. This list encourages communications among the members of the PCCT.

Join Yahoo! Groups Join the PCCTFORUM list for non-computer related subjects. With the diverse demographics of such a group, it is preferable that the Subject: line contain some pointer to viewer discretion, so we don't offend people on the list!

How To Leave a Yahoo! Groups List

If you wish to unsubscribe from a group send an email to

 To change your Message Delivery, you login to the group, click on Members and edit your profile. Don't forget to "Save Changes".

To contact the owner/moderator of a particular group

If you have problems or questions don't hesitate to contact the moderator as shown below.