Information for Members

PCCT Members' Websites

If you have a personal or business website you wish listed here, and are a PCCT member in good standing, please send your site URL and a brief description of the site to  In return, we ask that you reciprocate by putting a link to the PCCT website on your site.

The Club's Mail-list Groups

A.J. Parl, Moderator

The PCCT maintains two mail-lists for its members. This service is provided by and administered by a PCCT member in good standing, referred to as the 'owner' or 'moderator'.
For more details about Mailing Lists and joining Yahoo Groups click here.

PCCT By-law No. 1

A by-law relating generally to the transaction of the affairs of The Personal Computer Club of Toronto. Click for full text.

PCCT Club Related Documents

Click here to download PDF formatted documents related to PCCT club business (general Meeting proxies, minutes, etc.)